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For nearly 40 years, Varely and Gulliver Ltd. has been manufacturing both Steel and Aluminum Bridge Parapets to the civil engineering industry.

Varley and Gulliver is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hill and Smith Holding Plc.

Our bridge parapets are designed to provide levels of containment that limit the penetration of errant vehicles and protect both occupant of the impacting vehicles and others in the vicinity by redirecting vehicles on to a path as close as possible to the line of the parapet.

Our Range Of Bridge Parapet Railings:

Aluminum Parapets To EN 1317:

VGAN 500 N1 W2
VGAN 1000 N2 W2

Aluminum Parapets To ASHTO 17th Edition:

VGAN 300

Steel Parapets To EN 1317:

VGSN 500 N1 W1
VGSN 1000 N2 W1
VGSN 900 N2 W2
VGSH 2000 H2 W3
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