Dubai College – Awarded on 13th February 2020

Telescopic Seating, Auditorium Seating , Theatre Seating , Retractable Seating , Luxury Seating , Seats , Cinema Seating , Auditorium Seats , Retractable Seat , Retractable Seats , Luxury Seats , Seat , Cinema Seats , Cinema SeatMBM was awarded 3 Large scopes of work at the Dubai College.

A Large Telescopic Platform with 530 Benchseats for the Multipurpose Gym Hall From our Partners at Hussey Seating USA; 1100 Sqm’s of Wooden Sprung Flooring from our Partners at Junckers Flooring Denmark to support Physical Activity & the System itself. A Mid-Size Telescopic Platform with 140 seats in the Theatre Hall for Lectures & Plays From Our Partners at Hussey Seatway UK.

MBM has designed, Supplied & Installed Thousands of Auditoriums & Lecture Halls with Auditorium Seats, Multipurpose Telescopic Seating Platforms, Fixed Seating & Royal Seats in the UAE, Gulf & Middle Eastern Countries.