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Calenberg Ingenieure has been operating in the field of structural engineering since 1972, being primarily known in manufacturing and developing ofelastomeric sliding bearings and statically or dynamically loaded structural bearings (elastomeric bearings) for buildings and other structures, as well as sub-ballast mates and tracked mates for track construction.

Design, production, and supply are performed in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

Structural Bearings are the devices that allow the correct transfer of loads between the different structural members. The Bearings permit all necessary movements, translations and rotation as well as preventing displacements when required.

Our range of bearings include:
1. Building Construction
un-reinforced and reinforced elastomeric bearings for static support of components
un-reinforced and reinforced elastomeric bearings dynamic support of components
2. Railway Construction
elastomeric matting and special bearings for both, ballasted railway tracks and floating slab tracks
3. Noise Protection
special products for specific applications in noise and vibration insulation
4. Environmental Protection
Oil-Ex® absorption mat for protection of ground against pollution with oil or similar liquids