Swiss International School in Dubai

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The Swiss International School; one of our iconic projects completed in Dubai.

What we have above is the sports hall done by MBM, from the Sports flooring & Sports Surfaces to the Sports Equipment Dubai from our Manufacturer Draper, in the US.

When it comes to Sports equipment, they are truly the best in the world and have only offer sports equipment from Basketball nets to wall padding that last decades without change.

When it comes to all sports equipment, sports courts, sports flooring, gym flooring, rubber flooring, wooden sprung flooring and all other types of sports facilities, MBM is the way to go without hesitation.

Sports Flooring Dubai | Sports Equipment Dubai

MBM one of the top sports flooring providers in UAE started its successful journey into the commercial field. We provide the most modern indoor and outdoor sports flooring and safety flooring available in today’s market. MBM has successfully created a formidable reputation with its clients. We are proud to be associated with a major school and government projects and international clubs in the UAE.



We are one of the best sports flooring Companies in UAE. We specialize in the distribution of sports equipment and athletic equipment. What is shown above is a simple example of the most trendy sports surfaces you will only find at the top sports chain. The outdoor Acrylic Sports flooring made from a chemical based mixture a professionally poured perfectly onto the surface of the floor to provide a rigid and friction-full sports surface.

MBM offers a wide range of sports flooring systems ideal for multipurpose halls, gym floors, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, football courts, as well as any other indoor sports court. We offer waterproof and high quality running track for international level competition. Our outdoor sports flooring are ideal for schools, clubs, colleges and universities and public facilities used in flooring for a basketball court, tennis court, roller hockey rinks and many other sport floor surfaces.

Sports Equipment Dubai

MBM’s one-stop suppliers are of the top of the high-end area of the gyms, health clubs, sports and leisure sector. We provide a quality product and quality services from our top quality brands.


Sports Equipment Dubai

Founded in 1902, Draper is one of the global leaders in providing Audio-Visual Equipment,Basketball Equipment window shades and Sports Equipment. More specifically, Draper is one of the largest manufacturers of gym equipment in the U.S. Draper’s team work side by side with its clients to build a custom solution that surpasses all expectations in quality, design and innovation.


Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority

Majestic Grey & Silver Movable Walls from our Partners in Panelfold, USA.

This is one of several rooms executed at the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority and a few of many Movable Walls & Folding Partition projects we executed all over the GCC and Mena Regions.

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Al Thowaya School

Lockers, School Lockers, Gym Lockers, Toilets, or even Urinal Dividers; our HPL Panels come in various Coloured Laminates that fit any atmosphere.

The below was used for a Gym Lockers, and the way to notice the following is by seeing the HPL Bench being used as well.

What’s special about HPL and its use as School Lockers is how Durable, Effective, Long-Lasting, Economical it is, in addition to its waterproof characteristics.

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