It all started with sub-contracting critical structural components on bridges and highways and executing countless jobs with telescopic platforms, raised floors to taking homes over the edge with elite and luxurious marble doors. MBM has proven itself over the past 26 years to be an elite key player in supplying and installing very niche critical components required in any type of construction varying from the private to the public sector. A magnificent portfolio of products we are exclusively responsible for, it is in our prime interest to treat the range of products as they are our own whilst prioritizing perfection, excellence, and quality before anything all alongst keeping into consideration great value for money

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MBM is a Leader in the Production, Supply and Installation of Specialized Construction Related Products. Over this period of time, MBM has been associated with well-established manufactures across the world to provide sustainable solutions for the ever growing Middle Eastern construction industry in terms of Architectural and Infrastructural products.

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