Sunshine is MBM’s line of and cubicles since 1994, our experience with this line of items on a wide range of projects all over the middle east has certainly made us experts in this line of work.

Made from high pressure laminates (HPL), this product is fully manufactured by MBM in the UAE. it makes for excellent toilet cubicles due to the strength, water resistance and humidity resistance of the panels. Whereas dividing a public restroom would mainly use concrete, this system allows for a lot of space to be saved to to the relatively small width of the panel.

MBM has 4 lines of toilet cubicles divided by the use of accessories

  1. Elegance, for black PVC accessories
  2. Eminence, for stainless steel (304 grade) accessories
  3. Elite, for stainless steel (316 grade) accessories
  4. Excellence, for custom, made jobs

Rays is MBM’s line of lockers made from HPL with locker dedicated accessories. due to the materials characteristics, this makes for an excellent option for lockers particularly in gym areas serving as an excellent addition to the toilet cubicles.