Established in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1992, Mediterranean Building Materials has become ever since a Key Player and a Leader in the Production, Supply, and Installation of Specialized Construction Related Products.

Over this period of time, MBM has been associated with well-established manufacturers across the world to provide sustainable solutions for the ever-growing Middle Eastern construction industry in terms of Architectural and Infrastructural products.

Over the years we have expanded our operations to cover the Middle East by opening offices in Dubai, Manama, Doha, Muscat, and Beirut. We are proud to be associated with major governmental, commercial, healthcare, educational and hospitality developments in the region.



At our core, we are the specialist supplier of construction-related products with two main divisions of operations. Our product offering varies with each country that we operate in but our major products are covered in most locations.


The first division is the Infrastructure division mainly targeted towards offering products for Bridges and Highways. Our range of products includes Bridge Bearings, Bridge Expansion Joints, Aluminum and Steel Bridge Parapet Railings and Safety Fence Systems.
The second division is the Architecture division with a vast range of project applications. Our involvement is most notable in Educational Facilities, Government Buildings, Hotels, Exhibition Centers, and Substations. Our range of products including Telescopic Seating, Stadium Seating, Auditorium Seating, Waiting Area Seating, Raised Access Flooring, Sports Flooring, Rubber Flooring, Operable Partitions, Toilet Cubicles and Lockers, Exterior and Interior HPL Cladding, Acoustic Panels and Waste Bins.


From the company’s inception, we never supplied off the shelf items and our focus was only on high quality and cost-efficient engineered products. With our team of Engineers, Certified Technicians, Sales and Marketing Specialists, Estimators and of course our substantial support staff we are able to provide our clients with all the required technical and commercial assistance required on their projects.